Welcome to Lancashire Landscape Art

My art is primarily a representation of the north of England, where I live. Places I am familiar with. However, I look for inspiration wherever I travel, be it in the UK or abroad. The focus of my art is deeply introspective, as for each piece I consider questions about the choice of subject matter.

Composition and colour are very important to me, light and movement influencing the finished artwork in both clear and more subtle ways.

“Acrylic is my medium of choice, sometimes embellished with oils to give the colour extra vibrancy.

There are so many ways to apply the media I use. I try to apply paint in the best way possible to achieve the sense of the place I am basing the work on.”

by Rob Edmondson

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Moors and Dales

My collection of work which showcases the best of the countryside in Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire.


Trees are an integral part of the Northern landscape and are fascinating in their sheer variety.

Clough and Water

There are a variety of depictions of water within my work, my aim is to develop my ability to capture its movement.