Rob edmondson art

TV Debut!

Air Date – 15th July 2020 – 15:45.

Rob Edmondson art – TV DEBUT

September 2019, I was approached to be a “Featured Artist” on a TV program. I saw this as an opportunity to showcase my artwork, meet fellow artists and experience TV.

The house visit or “snoop” was to be on the 24th of September in St. Albans. This was the opportunity to see the clients house and to try to gauge the family’s life choices. Two other artists were to be involved, James Sutton, a sculptor, and Pratima Kramer, a ceramicist. We met and read the “Brief”, an insight into the clients wishes for the commission. The “Brief” and the contents of the house would allow each one of us to determine how we would approach our individual artistic response, in our particular genres.

Colour, landscape and cycling were initially the significant elements of the brief for my purposes. However, on seeing the room that was designated as the “music room” for the family, I realised how important music was to our clients.

Friday, 4th October, James, Pratima and I went to the TV studios to “Pitch” for the commission. This was the first time we met our clients’. We were able to watch each other’s pitch, and comment on its delivery from a remote room, whilst being televised. During my presentation I was able to show five pieces of my artwork which I had deemed appropriate to the art I intended to produce and discuss my vision of the commission. I was fortunate to be chosen to go forward to the next stage of the process


Between “The Pitch” and “the Reveal” (November 1st) I travelled to the Lake District, specifically to Keswick and Ashness Bridge to assemble research, including photographs and sketches. Filming took place in my home, my studio and alongside the Leeds- Liverpool canal, the subject of some recent artwork of mine.

During this period of filming there was he opportunity to discuss the progress of the piece with the clients on-line.



On 1st November, I attended “The Reveal”. There was more filming at the TV studios. I certainly felt the tension of the occasion. Ultimately a choice of artwork was made.

The completed artwork, ‘Ashness’. ( The cyclist was a part of the brief!)

Great graffiti on The Mill, where most of the programme was based.

Once the decision was made. Nick Knowles and myself.

The piece ‘in situ’. Looking good!