– A Lancashire Lad –


I love art. I have taught art and ceramics for 40+ years. Produced the occasional commission along the way. However, it is “my turn now”, to do the art work I have always wanted to do. I have been lucky enough to have travelled in the last few years, since I “retired!” I have seen new places, new people and experienced new ways of doing things. Everywhere I visit, I survey the landscape, view the artwork in exhibitions and consider how I will create my own art based on what I have seen.
I admire many artists and although my tastes have changed over-time I admire David Hockney’s art. His work is not photographic, more “based on” the landscape he is painting.

Art is for showing, for sharing and enjoying! Whether it is the composition, the thought, the idea or the skill in producing the finished piece.
I have used many different media, but currently I tend to work in acrylics, sometimes oils and infrequently a combination of the two media. I like to use materials that I can manipulate with brushes, card, sponge and palette knives. I work hard at my ability to control the outcome.
I hope you enjoy the artwork presented on Lancashire Landscape Art.

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