Clough and Water

In this case the Clough is Lead Mine Clough at Anglesarke, a place where lead was mined and refined centuries ago. Nowadays, the workings can still be seen, aside a stream that comes down into the Yarrow Reservoir.

The water there is “as clear as a bell”, sometimes running slowly and at other times swiftly over stones and mini waterfalls. Fungi grows over the stones in slow running areas. Fungi here is frequently highly coloured in livid greens and orange reds. Such a quiet place, idyllic in fact, but the water movement and the unexpectedly bright colours provide the drama one has to look for!

The Lead Mine Clough paintings formed the basis of the “Ebb and Flow” exhibition, at Liverpool.

When creating these pieces I began to develop my ability to use a range of tools to accurately depict the movement of water over the stones as well as honing my ability to re-create the stones in the stream objectively through acrylic paints.
There will be more images based on Lead Mine Clough in the future. The stream is constantly changing, the flow varies according to the local rainfall, the time of day and the weather.

There are other depictions of water within my portfolio of work. Some attempt to capture the local Leeds-Liverpool canal, others small seaside ports, as with the painting “Eyemouth” and others the reflections on the surface of the “Yarrow” reservoir at sunset.