2nd December-17th January.

“Water. Life, light, depth, colour and movement”.

Water is the single most valuable source of life. Water can be a film on a surface, it can be shallow, or it could be deep. Water creates and defines landscapes. Water moves and catches light. There are oceans, rivers, canals and lakes along with myriad other sources of inspiration. I have accepted the opportunity to focus on water in my art work for this exhibition.

My aim is to create work which considers grasps and develops the visual qualities of water. I try to understand my subject intimately. I take account of the time of day, the weather conditions and the season. Water is a living entity, constantly changing, it is an integral part of the environment.

These paintings are not photographic. The art work is “based on” what I see. My intention is to interpret what I see, and develop art pieces that have a life peculiar to each painting. Implicit in each painting is the use of light, colour, depth and movement.